New-Media Survival Guide Retired

Update August 19, 2015: The New-Media Survival Guide made its debut three-and-a-half years ago—an eternity in new-media time. While many of the principles it explains are still relevant, the examples are now very dated. That being the case, and having no yen to update the book, I’ve taken it out of print. (Surprisingly to me, the print version lives on in various used-booksellers’ inventories, however, so if you really want a copy, you can probably still find one. And you can always contact me for a free digital version.)

This web site will live on for a few months more,  but when the time comes to renew the domain, I will let it and this site expire.

Confused About New Media? Start Here

You don’t need to be a digital native to thrive in the digital era. If you are a traditionally trained print journalist, marketer, public relations professional, or other content creator, the New-Media Survival Guide will help you understand the potential of new media not to threaten your career, but to transform and reinvigorate it.

Written by a journalist and blogger who personally witnessed the rise of new media and its empowering effects, this highly readable guide explains the key ideas behind online and social media. It covers blogging, content aggregation and curation, content marketing, e-books, multimedia tools, and ethics in six concise chapters; a longer chapter on social networks includes helpful advice on using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and Google+.

With extensive footnotes and resource lists, as well as eight profiles of leading new-media journalists, marketers, and thought leaders, the Guide offers a wealth of suggestions for further reading.

Whether you are currently working in a traditional media operation, looking for work, or freelancing, the New-Media Survival Guide will help position you not just to survive the new-media revolution, but to flourish in it.

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